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ARCHERY CLUB. The organization of an archery club was announced in the Dubuque Herald on July 26, 1878. Members practiced on the lawn of William ANDREW. (1) Club members attended the Eighth Harvest Home celebration in Farley on August 24 1878 and demonstrated their skill. (2) The existence of the club was not well known. The editor of the Dubuque Herald received a letter from Thomas J. Irish in June 1882 commenting that a recent issue of the paper had mentioned that 'the Dubuque Archery Club would organize and elect officers.' Irish commented that the group had been organized for five years and had been in regular practice. The editor replied that "Dubuque" had never been attached to the name thus the mistake. (3)

The writer of an article in 1930 was apparently unaware of the earlier club. In reporting on clubs formed at JEFFERSON JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL in 1929, the writer referred to the new archery club as the first archery club in Dubuque. Consisting entirely of boys, the club studied the technique and ethics required by an archer in target shooting and tournament. A second objective was a study and mastery of the art of constructing archery equipment: bows, arrows, quivers, arm-guards and targets. Based on the manual of the Boy Scouts of America, National Archery Association. Each student received a hickory stave, six birch dowels, six arrow points and feathers. Tools were obtained and the balcony of the gymnasium became a workshop. The archery club was sponsored and supervised by Mrs. Minna Roedell, of the library and study hall department. (4)

Archery at a range in GRANDVIEW PARK replaced the tennis classes as a city playground and recreation commission activity in 1929. On July 25th a competition was scheduled for 5:00 p.m. with a meeting at 7:00 p.m. to consider organizing an archery club. Plans for classes were also to be discussed. Anyone over the age of 15 was eligible to participate. (5)

In 1937 the inter-Service Club Olympics was first held with archery one of the competitions. (6)

In 1945 an archery club was sponsored by the city recreation department. An indoor range was available at the Armory. (7) Outdoor practice began that year in September at the Grandview park archery range which was opened every Sunday from 2:30-5:00p.m. every Sunday and any time during the week for archery club members. (8)

The DUBUQUE BOYS' CLUB offered an archery club in 1949. (9)

DUBUQUE FIELD ARCHERS was organized in 1953.

Advertised as the "largest archery tournament in the Tri-State area this year," the $1,000 tournament in 1963 was open to amateurs and professionals of all ages during the JULIEN DUBUQUE SUMMER CARNIVAL. (10)

After shooting their arrows, targets returned electrically to the archer
Riverside Bowl Archery Center opened in 1964 offered ten automatic lanes which returned electrically to the shooter. Opportunities to shoot in leagues was offered as was equipment to rent. (11)

The Iowa State Archery Association held its annual state indoor archery championship tournament on April 1-2, 1978 at the Dubuque County Fairgrounds. The event was hosted by the Dubuque Field Archers. (12)

Hollywood played a role in popularizing the sport with such MOTION PICTURES as "Rambo," "Hunger Games," "Hobbit," and the "Lord of the Rings." John Shappell, a member of the National Field Archery and Iowa State Archery association, and board of directors member of the Dubuque Field Archers, taught the sport at Tri-State Archery in Dubuque. Technology made the bows easier to pull. (13) Archery was also one of the activities introduced at the biannual "Becoming an Outdoor Woman Event" hosted by the Dubuque County Conservation Board, Pheasants Forever, Dubuque Fly Fishers and the Izaak Walton League. (14)



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