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ALLYN, Eunice E. Gibbs

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ALLYN, Eunice E. Gibbs. (Brecksville, a suburb of Cleveland, OH-- ). Gibbs intended to become a teacher, but her mother discouraged her and she remained at home, going into society and writing for local papers. Her articles were signed by various pen-names in order to avoid displeasing one of her brothers, who did not wish to have a "blue-stocking" in the family. Her first published poems appeared in the Cleveland "Plain Dealer," when she was only thirteen years old.

Besides composing poems for recitation in school, she often wrote songs, both words and music, when she could not find songs suited to various occasions.

In 1873 she was married to Clarence G. Allyn, of Nyack, N.Y. After spending several years at Nyack, New London, Conn., and Auburn, N.Y., they moved to Dubuque.

Mrs. Allyn was a prominent member of the Dubuque Ladies' Literary Union, and for eight years she served as president of the Dubuque Woman's Christian Temperance Union. She was also connected with the local press at times and won distinction as an artist.

Before her marriage, she gained valuable experience as Washington correspondent of the Chicago "Inter-Ocean," a position which she filled for a year. She also wrote numerous articles for the St. Louis "Globe," the New York "World" and various New York, Boston, Indianapolis, Philadelphia and Chicago journals.