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100+ WOMEN WHO CARE. The organization's start was announced on March 14, 2016 with the first meeting to occur in May. The organization's founder, Carolyn Gantz, announced that one hundred or more local women would meet quarterly to help raise money for local charities. Three charities would be randomly selected from entries made by members present at the meetings. The membership would then vote on which charities to support. Each member would donate $100 to create a $10,000 donation in one hour one night. Eligible organizations had to be registered nonprofits within a fifteen-mile radius of Dubuque. (1) Following its first meeting, the Dubuque Chapter of the NATIONAL ALLIANCE ON MENTAL ILLNESS received a check for $18,500. (2)

By September 2017 100+ MEN WHO CARE and 100+ Women Who Care had collectively raised more than $200,000 for area nonprofits. (2)



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